“Reflection and contrast”

This project is Dessin’s second office, which is an old private house converted into an office.

When we first set foot in this location facing a bamboo forest, we thought about creating a space that would take advantage of this unique environment.

The building itself was in a dilapidated state, so while the structure remained, the old floors and walls were removed, and new walls were constructed while reinforcing them. In order to use the bamboo forest in the back as a borrowed view, the wall facing the bamboo forest was made of large glass. In order to make the bamboo forest seen through the glass stand out, the entire space, including the interior finishes and fixtures, was kept as simple as possible, and the color was unified to black to reduce information.We selected materials with a range of textures and textures so that the space does not become monotonous by unifying the colors.In addition to using the bamboo grove as a borrowed scenery, highly reflective materials are used for fixtures such as desks and shelves to reflect water like a mirror, creating continuity between the outside and inside scenery, creating a visual sense of spaciousness and creating a sense of openness. It was made into a space.

The client requested functionality such as work space and storage, as well as communication between staff, and a space that made use of the existing building.The space is not large at all, and in order to use as large a glass surface as possible to bring the scenery into the room, we created a step instead of building walls to gently separate zones into communication and work spaces, achieving both in one space. The structure is such that it can be done.

This time, I was conscious of the contrasting relationships between the elements that make up space, such as time, space, and materials, and tried to incorporate them into the space so that they coexist harmoniously within the space.By coexisting in the space with an awareness of contrast, each contrasting presence stands out, and in order to further emphasize the relationship between them, we standardized the color to black and stripped down information.I think these efforts resulted in a space that has a higher quality, dignified impression, and creates a fantastical atmosphere.