Planned the interior to accompany the relocation of an company that conducts a wide range of businesses centered on engineering, such as structural design of buildings, analysis of nature and environment, software development in the field of simulation and information and communication, software sales and customization of CAD / CAE to the manufacturing field.Since there are a wide variety of business divisions, an environment that promotes communication that enables daily conversations and collaborations across divisions was required.

Areas are set up and various places are scattered. The plan was designed so that people would come and go in that area, and the space would be well-modulated, the thinking would be switched naturally according to the work style, and people would interact and talk and collaborate.

By quoting shoji screens and lattices and arranging them in the space, we designed the space so that you can feel the connection while dividing the area, and convey the charm of the structure. In addition, the design is designed so that the LGS, which is a structural material, and the structure inside the floor can be seen at key points, so that the brand identity can be indirectly appealed.