F&M net.





Renovation plan for a company that develops systems, websites, IT consulting, and app development.There was a need for an office space with a variety of places that can promote communication and a place that specializes in working in a concentrated manner.

A free-address system was adopted to represent the capacity and various places within a limited space.In the center of the space created in this way, we have placed functions such as meeting rooms and pantry where people gather.

Go through this space on all leads from the entrance to the office seat, from the office seat to meetings, when going out, etc.By placing the function of gathering people at the center of the flow line, we created a place where accidental communication was born.

The wall material that separates the office space from the central communication space is made of polycarbonate, making it a space that has a loose connection while having a gap.In contrast to the monotonous and stoic space in which desks and work chairs are neatly arranged, the outside light that is inserted from the window surface is made of polycarbonate as the wall material, so the outside light is taken in as soft light. In addition, by using only indirect light without using downlights, a space with a matte texture was created to create a space that feels refreshing and comfortable.