The interior design of a restaurant with a delicatessen that offers food that pleases the body, making use of ingredients that are the blessings of nature.

Focusing on nature, essence, and people, we aimed to create a space that can give visitors an extraordinary and comfortable feeling by directing the world view of the store.

The ceiling, walls, and fixtures are all unified in shades of cream with desaturated colors, and the rounded details that can be seen everywhere create a soft atmosphere.
By doing this, only the plants scattered in the space stand out, creating a symbolic effect.

Circular light ceilings are scattered in response to the arrangement of the plants, enveloping the whole with soft light and creating an effective light that makes the plants look more impressive.

During the daytime, the color temperature of the interior lighting changes along with the external light that changes over time to create a more natural and comfortable lighting space.
At night, unlike during the day, indirect lighting is applied everywhere, and the lighting plan changes the entire space into a dramatic light and a space that feels uplifting.

Instead of using so-called foliage plants, we limited the type of planting and planted grass weeds with the image of cutting out the scenery of the plateau of Aso.

In a space surrounded by concrete walls, artificial and natural, inside and outside coexist in a well-balanced manner, attracting each other’s charms and becoming a space where you can be aware of nature.

We hope that you will be immersed in a refreshing and comfortable space and feel a spatial experience that can only be obtained here.