Planned the interior to accompany the relocation of an in-vehicle software development company office.An environment was required that promoted communication, allowed employees to think about work styles, and update work styles.

In order to gather people, we have arranged functions for meetings, seminars, pantry, and relaxation on one of the three floors.In addition, rails will be installed, whiteboards and transparent movable panels will be placed. Panels can be freely arranged to form a space according to various scenes.

In order to create a new boundary in the space and clarify the function of the space, the existing steel OA floor was partially used to create a place where the existing system ceiling panel was removed.In addition, upper lighting on the rails of the movable panel and the use of an R-shape for the sofa soften the hard space.Brand colors are scattered throughout the space to create rhythm in a monotonous space.

By thinking how to use it in a highly flexible standard and acting independently, we aimed to promote active discussion and communication, create new ideas, and create a space where employees and companies can grow.